Digital Chess Session (CH3SS) is a corporation in EVE Online. We are a close-knit group of veteran players running a corporation that is new-player friendly. Additionally, we always welcome all capsuleers from all walks of EVE life.

We have many opportunities for new members. CH3SS prides itself on encouraging all aspects of EVE life, whether it is pve, industry, mining, pvp, and even expanding into wormhole life. We have a dedicated mining and industry spot for those looking to stare at rocks and make shit. CH3SS has many, many BPOs to assist in almost any productions you might be wanting to try.

We also offer an Ore Buyback program, PI buyback program, and wherever possible we offer SRP during certain operations.

Our wormhole is a wonderful place to start if you are looking to experience wormhole life. It is also a fabulous place to start PI, and there are many helpful members there to assist anyone who would like to join in on some good ol’ hole fun.

Our membership regularly attends public roams that some larger alliances offer. We also have our own in-house pvp roams with some fabulous FCs. Alcohol is strongly encouraged during some (most? all?) of these.

Ultimately, we encourage our members to do as they please. Whatever your interest may be. Just please don’t be a total fuckwad. We do not require attendance on events, although we might bug you to join us for group events from time to time. Our TS is very active. Parental advisory, often there is mature content, in both TS and corp chat.

If you are interested in joining us, or chatting with a recruiter, please join our in-game recruitment channel and say hello. We would love to talk to you!